Unit IT is a Danish company consisting of 150 passionate specialists across six locations. From experts in infrastructure, cloud, security and support to SQL and BI specialists. The deep competences are gathered in units, and the close cooperation across these units ensure a simple entry to your total infrastructure.


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Hosting in highly secure data centres

Whether you should choose private or public cloud-hosting depends entirely on your company’s needs and wishes. Unit IT offers both solutions in a flexible setup, which allows us to find the right solution for you.



The best SQL Specialists in Denmark

We are Microsoft Gold Partner. Being some of Denmark’s leading experts within their field, our specialists focus 100% on Microsoft SQL.

Business Intelligence

In front with Business Intelligence

Take control of your data and make quick decisions based on data. Our BI experts help you create insight.


Better protection of your business

Our extensive IT security monitoring protect your data streams against leakages and malware. 


Support with unmatched dedication

We help you 24/7. Our strong support team is ready to help you. Nonstop. 365 days a year.


Governance brings together the strategy

We create the structure. Rest assured that your IT investments support the business targets in the best way possible.

Service Desk 


+45 88 83 33 77


Service Desk is the contact between you and our employees if you do not know on beforehand whom to contact. The purpose is to ensure that you are always met by just and timely help whenever you reach out to us.

We handle and coordinate inquiries about e.g. IT breakdown, requests for new tasks, changes to your IT environment and minor projects. Furthermore, we monitor and handle alarms from equipment, which we – according to our agreement – have the responsibility for, and we distribute operational information.

In short, our task is to ensure that the right experts and specialists solve your specific task and that it happens within the agreed timeframe.

Our telephones are open 24/7 for inquiries about critical incidents requiring immediate action.  

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