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Martin Nygaard Jensen Martin Nygaard Jensen
09. February 2021

I denne Corona tid arbejder store dele af arbejdsstyrken hjemmefra. Dette giver nogle helt unikke sikkerhedsudfordringer ..

Agil Arbejdsplads
Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
12. March 2019
SQL Merge vs Insert, update and delete

I often see that when people learn about the MERGE statement, they use it a lot, and I do understand that the MERGE statement

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
05. March 2019
SQL Server managment Studio – My favorite settings

This is just a short article where I will show you some of my favorite settings in SQL Server Management Studio 18 (SSMS).

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
25. February 2019
Looking for a special character in all tables in any column

I received a rather interesting task recently. A customer wanted to find a special character in their database, and then remove it

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
21. February 2019
Functions in SQL Server 2019

I recently tested how the performance differed on SQL 2017 and SQL 2019 with table variables.

Jørgen Andersen Jørgen Andersen
22. January 2019
Restore tests - waste of time or useful procedure?

An overlooked procedure that I often experience is the restore test. Do you know how long it takes to restore the critical systems

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
22. January 2019
Find Implicit conversions

How can you find implicit_conversions without having to run every statement on your running system?

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
18. January 2019
Lesson learned – Real life performance tuning

I encountered the following problem on a server with a customer. They were using a view to query data and when they called the...

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
18. January 2019
Table variables in SQL Server v.2019

One of the features I’m looking forward to testing is the new ability the 2019 SQL server has where it can make a more accurate...

Jacob Saugmann Jacob Saugmann
18. October 2018
Stored Procedures

You properly know how a database environment are changing all the time, reports and databases comes and go. A part of your dail...

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